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Utilizing “The Phaedra Effect” in Life & Business


It is inevitable that in life, you will encounter situations that have the potential to become a source of disagreement and strife. It is a natural phenomenon that you will (at some point in your life) be faced with a challenging situation. This situation may make you want to scream, become irate and even upset.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you apply a useful methodology that we like to refer to as the “Phaedra Effect”.

The “Phaedra Effect” was birth from our study of Phaedra Parks, one of the stars of the hit reality series ” The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.
It is always amazing how Phaedra is able to navigate through the toughest of situations with a wink and a smile, rarely flustered ,bothered and always visibly un-phased.

The Phaedra Effect By Definition:




The Benefit of The Phaedra Effect
#1 Diffusing A Hostile Situation
In business, conflict is inevitable, however how you react to the situation is in your control. Nothing can be achieved by two angry hot heads, therefore, one person must be the cool head in the situation. This is a perfect time to implement the Phaedra effect, and diffuse a potentially negative occurrence while giving both parties time to cool off.
In life, the old adage “You get more flies with honey than vinegar”, rings true. Responding to conflict in a negative manner has never proved to be an effective means of  conflict resolution.

This is true for many reasons:
#2 An Irate Response correlates with a lack of self control
In business, if you are unable to control your response to an adverse situation, then subsequently, it may indicate to your publics ( clients and competition alike) that you are impulsive and ” fly by the seat of your pants” when dealing with negative issues which can be bad for business and your personal brand.

#3 A Poise and Calm Reaction Gives Both Parties the chance to ” Cool Down”
A poise and calm reaction can be indicative of the fact that you are still able to exercise self control and conduct yourself in a calm manner, in spite of any conflict that has arisen. It is this calm and controlled response that sets a chain of motions into effect that ultimately serve as a catalyst to positive resolution and problem solving.

Here are a few examples of situations that would be great for the average person to apply the Phaedra Effect:
1) When your boss gives you an unfair evaluation

2)When your client has unrealistic deadlines or expectations

3) When your competition tries to diminish the quality of your brand


 4) When your customer complains about terms & conditions that were clearly stated


5)When your co-worker tries to take credit for something you did



DISCLAIMER: This is not an easy principle to follow for anyone. However, with regular practice of The Phaedra Effect, you will ultimately fare better when faced with negative situations. Therefore, there is no need to scream!No need to fret, just use (you guessed it) The Phaedra Effect :)!


This Blog post is a joint collaboration between Jennifer Onwumere and  Social Media Strategist/Blogger Jacque Amadi.