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The Sheer Creativity of Maroon 5’s New ” Sugar” Video



I always have  so much respect for artists ( essentially brands) who push the envelope and try something different from a marketing perspective.

Recently , American Pop Rock Band, Maroon 5, did just that for the debut of their new video ” Sugar”. The super band   worked in collaboration with ” Wedding Crashers” Director, David Dobkin to crash real weddings throughout the LA area for their new video.

I love this concept for so many reasons:

#1 Originality

It is always refreshing when a brand / artist steps out for the routine/ norm, and does something different.

#2 Relatability & Direct Interaction with Fans

In this video, Maroon 5 becomes a part of one of the most important / special days of  a few different couples lives- their wedding day. Their appearance at these weddings will be apart of the memories forever, and I believe it is safe to assume that many of the guests have a favorable opinion of the band. As well, I believe the experience created ” new fans” out of attendees who may not have been very familiar with their brand.

What better way to meet some of your fans then on their wedding day? Literally, for many of the couples featured, that was a priceless  performance that on a regular day may have been impossible to book, or could have cost upwards of 100’s of thousands of dollars.

#3. Buzzworthy Campaign

This video has the opportunity to not only create media impressions in music and lifestyle media outlets, but will also be featured on wedding blogs and websites which creates the opportunity for more exposure and more visibility.

Overall, the “Sugar” video is a great concept by a great band.

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