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Start It Up Now! Workshop ( Re-cap)

On April 22nd, I co-hosted Start It Up Now! Workshop with Marcus Bowers, Founder & Creator of seven figure hair brand, She’s Happy Hair.

I have wanted to host this workshop for a long time, and it turned out amazing! Over 30+ start-up entrepreneurs attended the event which provided entrepreneurs with tips & tools to help them jumpstart their brands/businesses.

A fun quote that I love from the event, was said by one of the event atendees, Lajour :

“The riches are in the niches”.

This statement pertains to how targeting a niche audience can be instrumental to your brand success. There were so many amazing tips & nuggets of wisdom shared during these session. I will post the re-cap/highlight video when the footage becomes available. In the interim, check out some fun pictures from the event: