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Smart Sightings: ” Beyond The Lights” Lipgloss

I always love when brands come up with creative concepts and tie-ins to enforce the launch of project. We have all had experiences with promotional items of all kinds. We received promotional t-shirts, pens, hats …the list goes on.

A couple of month’s ago, I attended the press screening for the film ” Beyond The Lights”. When I arrived at the theater, I received  a promotional lipgloss that had the words, ” Beyond The Lights” written on it.

I didn’t think anything of it, and in fact, thought that the idea of giving a promotional lip gloss away made a lot of sense.

The demographic that film would appeal to would be young women, likely ages 14-40 if I had to take an educated guess. Therefore, undestanding the psychographics of the movie goer, lipgloss would make sense.

Fast forward, months later and today I was looking for some lip gloss and couldn’t find the one that I normally use.

As I glanced around my bathroom tabletop, my eyes landed on the unopened ” Beyond The Lights” lipgloss I received a few months back. In my haste, I decided to put it on for now, and go to the store ater to replace my missing gloss.

However,when I twisted the top of the lipgloss, I got an interesting surprise:

Once the top, is twisted off a “light” activated inside the lip gloss. This was a unique promotional item, and one that I will definitely hold on to.

1) It is creative.

2) It is different.

3) It is useful to the target audience that would watch the film.

4) It is a cute soft sell for the film.

5) And the lipgloss was great too ( not sticky or clumpy).

Brands should always consider these elements when creating promotional items.