Re-cap: UTA’s CAAS Community Mentoring Dinner

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending UTA’s (The University of Texas at Arlington’s) CAAS ( Center of African American Studies) Community Mentoring Dinner as an invited  guest mentor for the event. As an alumni of UTA, the invitation was an honor and I was excited to attend.  All guests enjoyed an awesome buffet, which included a variety of fruit, pot stickers, sliders, and a mash potato bar.

During the event, current UTA students rotated to each guest mentor’s table to discuss life after college, their goals and their dreams. Many of the students were nursing, psychology, and social work majors. The theme that kept coming up during my discussion with the students was the importance of a strategy. I am actually hosting a workshop that will delve deep into this topic in April. In order to achieve your dreams, strategy is key. We talked about this in detail, including how an effective strategy can allow you to overcome many obstacles ( lack of funds, contacts etc).

Patricia & I

The highlight of the evening for me was seeing Patricia O’ Brien. Patricia was one of the kids that I mentored when I was in my junior year of college at UTA. Fast forward to the present, Patricia has graduated from UTA, and is now a fulltime staff member and future graduate student. I was so happy to see everything that she has achieved. I think sometimes people view mentoring as some cliche action with no tangible results. This could not be farther from the truth. Mentors are important and can literally reset the trajectory of a child’s life. I encourage everyone to seriously think about mentorship.

Click here to learn more about UTA’s CAAS program.

Until next time  stay smart cookies!