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#PunchRolla Movie Premiere

Hello Smart Cookies! So far 2014 is off to a busy start!
I had a blast handling the PR for an amazing indie film by director Akin Durosimi. The film is called Punchrolla,and explores the themes of love, disappointment, betrayal & triumph.

I had a blast handling the PR & Promotion for this film.One of the challenges with indie films is creating a substantial  buzz, while keeping the budget in mind.In any project that you take on, as a publicist you MUST keep the target audience in mind .Once the audience is defined, it is important to understand the psychographics of that audience.Only then, will you be able to effectively market to them.

For those who are not familiar with the term “Psychographics”, Wikipedia describes it as the study of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. Because this area of research focuses on interests, attitudes, and opinions, psychographic factors are also called IAO variables.

What do they like?

What is their educational level?

What are they passionate about?

For this project, I  utilized various social media tactics in promotion of the film. Additionally, we created many incentives through partnerships and released exclusive video teaser content and trailers to garner excitement about the film prior to its release. The event was an amazing success with  a large audience of  attendees at the premiere. Check below to view the video and photos.

The main character,Mike is a Nigerian living in diaspora and trying to keep his head above water. As fate would have it, he loses his job and this is only the beginning as far as stream of bad luck goes. Will he overcome his obstacles and land back on his feet? Check out fun pictures from the premiere below.
Photos by Trendy Africa Magazine,Beyond Reach Media, Oak Grove Photography and My Ultimate Xperience.

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Kayode Akinbayo
Ashley D. Merritt
Ashlei Murray
Tembi Anoh
Kenny Gardner
Jelani Jones
Gregg Reed
Sheena Henderson
David Delao
Anna Guzman
Genesis Alana
Tracy Counts
Jacob Ward (J-WHOA)
Joe Lane Hudgins
Keith Birthwell
Kathy Jordan

Directed by:
Matt Lillard. Director of Photography: Ian Sharar

Written by:
Akin Durosimi

Screenplay by:
Akin Durosimi

Produce by:
David Hammer

Jen-gerbread Marketing had a blast handling the marketing,pr, and logistics
for this amazing event. Check the re-cap pics below and special thanks to all
of our event attendees, partners and sponsors:
Dj Blaque
AKB Productions
Christy Cakes
All Grown Up Pictures, LLC
The Vanna Collins Show
All Actors/ Actresses/ Cast Crew
Artist that contributed to the soundtrack
Oak Grove Photography
TrendyAfrica Magazine
Umu Igbo Unite Organization
Beyond Reach Media
Kenny’s Ultra Lounge
DJ Rabaky