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One of the reasons I will always be a fan of Lauryn Hill………

Lauryn Hill has always been an inspiration to me. I  was 15 years old when the ” Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” came out. Lauryn was the biggest artist of 1998-1999, yet she was always so humble and so aware that her success was not only for her Glory, but for the Glory of God. I can say as a business owner, every good thing that has ever happened in my business is the result of the blessings and direction of God. I was just sitting here thinking how funny it is that many people don’t equate God to their business success, and keep him as an element reserved for Sunday Mornings in one specific venue.

Life, like business, is very unpredictable. In the abscence of God, I would have to take credit for all the great things that have happened within my business…and that’s just not accurate. How can I take credit for all the divine introductions, unexpected new projects, referrals that I didn’t know where coming. I can’t take credit for any of that. I can only turn to my faith and thank God for ordering my steps in everything I have done and everything I will do. And I am forever grateful.

I wish more kids today had artist such as Lauryn Hill like I did that empower you and motivate you to really seek your purpose in life.

Check out Lauryn’s Video below: