Branding 101

My Mindshift Experience with Daymond John


Over the weekend, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the Mindshift event with Daymond John (Creator of the Fubu Brand/ Star of ABC’s “Shark Tank”. The event was presented by 7-Eleven and Sederrick Raphiel; Founder of Dallas based Multimedia/Creative service company, The Design Factory.


I have been a fan of “Shark Tank” since its inception, so even though I was out of the country the day before the event, I did everything within my power to get back in Dallas in an effort to attend the event- and it was well worth it. As I’ve mentioned to others post event, the key message that stuck out to me from Daymond’s presentation was this (1) “People who say it can’t happen should never interrupt those that are making it happen.” (2) “When Sharks stop swimming, they die. Keep it moving”. (3) He slept in a sleeping bag for 2 ½ years while building his company/brand, Fubu.


People who say it can’t happen should never interrupt those that are making it happen.

Overall, surround yourself with people who believe in your dream, and distance yourself  from those who don’t. In life their our Innovators, people who change some aspect of our world, and the way we view it. For this day and age, Mark Zuckenberg, the creator of Facebook is an innovator. His social media platform has become an integral part of the way many people communicate today. What if he had listened when someone said it couldn’t happen?”


When Sharks stop swimming, they die. Keep it moving.

I’ve never believed that there was one course of action in life, that makes people feel “complete”. Winning the lottery, becoming a millionaire, getting a million degrees, getting married, having children, traveling the world; these are all great things. However, in life, it is a deep rooted part of our nature that once we conquer one area, we will always want more. This is not a bad thing. In life, we are always looking for a challenge. That’s why Donald Trump is not just content being a real estate mogul, he now serves as Executive Producer of the hit ABC Show “The Celebrity Apprentice”  ( he now makes about $3,000,000 dollars per episode making him one of the highest paid TV personalities on television according to Wikipedia). Overall, we never stop reaching and setting goals. That’s what makes life great, exciting and purpose filled.


He slept in a sleeping bag for 2 ½ years while building his company/brand, Fubu.

During the event, Mr. John stated that he slept in a sleeping bag on the floor for 2 ½ years when he converted his home into a factory to make the clothing. He only touched on this fact for a second, but after the event, I sat down and thought about  how long 2 ½ years is.

He slept on the floor:

-Long enough for 2 women to carry a baby to term consecutively, and long enough for one woman to give birth prematurely. (That’s a long time).

– Long enough for a college freshman to become a college Junior

– More than 1,000 days /More than 24,000 hours

I could go on & on. I guess my question is- How many of you would be willing to do this and more for your dream? Don’t worry, it’s a rhetorical question. Marinate on that……