Life Is So Much Better When You Learn To Appreciate Your Blessings

The facts are simply the facts. The reality is that we live in a world/ culture that constantly aspires and wishes for more in relation to creating the optimum lifestyle. In general, people are constantly in the search for more, and it is a natural part of the human experience.

People want a bigger house, a better car, a better job, the best looking guy/girl, more education, more money…more, more, more. There is absolutely nothing wrong with aspiring for more. I believe that we were all put here on earth to fulfill a purpose and a destiny. As a Christian, I believe that we honor God in the pursuit to use our talents to impact the world and live our best lives.

However, I believe the problem comes in, when we become obsessional in these pursuits, and  they ultimately affect our happiness, self-esteem, stress levels and overall outlook on life.

I have met many people that equate their personal value directly with the amount of money they have in their account, their Michael Kors Watch and whether or not their vehicle is this year’s model. I believe that the serious issue in these scenarios is that we begin to attribute happiness with the acquisition of things, and the two are far from synonymous.

This is the first step to failure in regards to living the most fulfilled life, and for many reasons.

#1 If you place your personal value & happiness in things, then in the absence of these things, your life essentially has no value

If you only think that you are valuable because of your career, when you are fired from that job, you will think that you have no value. If you only think that you are valuable, because you are trendy and a great dresser, when financial issues arise, and you are unable to support your fashion lifestyle, you will think that you have no value. If you only think your valuable because of who you are in a relationship with, in the absence of the relationship, you will think that you have no value.


#2 It’s simply never enough

The pursuit of attaining happiness through physical items or associations is futile, because essentially, it is never enough. If you think you will only be happy buying the latest cell phone, a new version will be released 2 months later, and you will then have to scramble to upgrade to the latest phone to feel contented.

If you want to be the best in your career field, there will always be someone smarter with more or varied experience than your own, and you will spend your time trying to compete with someone who has a different purpose, destiny, talent and skill set from your own.

Therefore, the key to living a good life is not material things or affiliations, but rather true genuine appreciation for the people/ things/opportunities that you have already been blessed with. I know this sounds cliché and like one of those pretentious statements that people make to sound ” deep” or “intellectual”, but it is the honest truth. It is only through doing this that we as individuals can live the best life possible.

I’m not going to lie, it takes practice, but at the end of the day, the benefits or immeasurable. Just like any other good habit, it has to be practiced day in and day out, but the good news is that it can definitely be mastered.

The absolute truth about life is this. If you place your happiness in material things, titles and people, you will be disappointed at times because life waxes and wanes.

Sometimes you will be happy with people, sometimes you will not. The watch you love today, will be old tomorrow, and you will scramble to find a new shiny item to give you that feeling again.

Instead of the watch, that ” feeling” has to come from you. From being mindful of who you are, and what your individual strengths are. It has to come from a spirit of gratefulness. It is through this spirit of gratefulness that you will begin to unlock even greater blessings in your life. This fact is true for Christians and people in general.

So, I want to challenge everyone to try this  for 5 days: