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How I Booked 2 Roundtrip Tickets To Houston Superbowl Weekend for $16 ( And How You Can Land A Similiar Deal!)



This weekend, thousands of people from around the country ( and the world) will travel into Houston for the 51st Superbowl Event. For the host city, the Superbowl  is a huge revenue generator  with thousands of flights, hotels, rental cars bookings & more. I read an article that stated that Pizza Hut has set a goal to hire up to 11,000 workers before Superbowl weekend.

Even for local Dallasites, travel & accommodations to Houston this weekend will not be cheap, with flights close to $500. For the city of Atlanta, flights are currently around $900, and from Boston flights are close to $2,000. These prices alone demonstrate the value that is set around attendance of this event and even for many consumers, the demand to simply be in the city during the game.

In this blog post, I will explain to you how I was able to book two round trip tickets (From Dallas to Houston) for less than $20.

First off, I was able to secure these 2 roundtrip tickets via a handy transportation option called , Megabus. For those not familiar with Megabus, I will provide a little background. Megabus is a double-decker travel bus option that operates in various cities throughout the United States, Canada, Europe & The UK. It serves as  a low cost travel option for customers who would like an alternative method of travel , an affordable rate or simply a transportation option that does not require them to drive to their intended destination. There are many stigmas about buses , but Megabus ( also referred to as a coach bus) is a cool travel option for last minute get-a-ways, road trips, quick trips & more.

Even with all of these facts, securing two roundtrip tickets for two people at $16 is a ridiculously low rate for any form of travel. So how was I able to secure this awesome deal?



  1. Start Early

To begin, I booked my ticket back in November. I didn’t know what teams would be playing in the Superbowl, but I knew that it was going to be held in Houston. Booking your ticket in advance ( in my case 3 months in advance) was a great way to solidify a great deal.          


  1. Join the mailing list

When I checked the Megabus website in September, the 2017 booking dates had not opened up yet. Megabus typically runs deals & specials including when new booking dates open up. Due to the fact that I have used this service before, I was added to their mailing list to receive updates & specials. I received an e-mail when the 2017 dates opened up. In this e-mail, Megabus advertised the fact that they were offering $1 select rides for the new dates ( similar to the ad listed below). I saw the e-mail newsletter within the first 30 minutes that the e-mail was sent out, which allowed me the opportunity of being able to be among the first to secure the $1 travel deal (select trips).


  1. Book & Chill

That’s pretty much it. After I booked the journeys, everything was instantly confirmed. The irony is I decided not to go to Houston this weekend ( traffic, long lines etc.), but even then , I only lost $16 which is a minimal loss. For 2 people to travel roundtrip on Megabus right now, is upwards of $120 ( though still an affordable option compared to flying), so I secured a great deal!


Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time, stay smart cookies!