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Cookies & Connections- Kickoff Mastermind Event

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Today was the kickoff of our ” Cookies & Connections” Lunchtime Mastermind Sessions. This session was created to provide an intimate and effective platform to share business tips and advice. The first event was and amazing success and we were fortunate to host an amazing group of business and creative professionals. Each event will feature a different variety of cookies and this month’s  featured cookies were: Macaroons, Fudge Carmel Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Cookies.



During this month’s session, we discussed some great phone apps for business.


Some apps that were mentioned include:

1) Trello– Great Project Management App

2)  Toggl- Great App to use to track the amount of time you spend on a project

3) Evernote– Allows you to take a picture of anything an turn it into a .PDF

4) Tax Saver= Free Deduction Tracking App

5) Wonder List= Great App to track to do lists /project lists

And many more…..

We also discuss current business experience, successes and challenges.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to grow and connect.

Our next #CookiesandConnections session is June 23rd, and open to the first 10 business owners, startups and professionals who register.



Stay Tuned Next Week as we continue our series on the Five

Money Saving Life Hacks For New Business Owners.

Meanwhile, check out some fun pictures from this month’s #CookiesandConnections Event

CookiesConnections42 CookiesConnections41 CookiesConnections40 CookiesConnections39 CookiesConnections37 CookiesConnections36 CookiesConnections35 CookiesConnections34 CookiesConnections33 CookiesConnections32 CookiesConnections31 CookiesConnections30 CookiesConnections29 CookiesConnections28 CookiesConnections27 CookiesConnections26 CookiesConnections25 CookiesConnections24 CookiesConnections23 CookiesConnections22 CookiesConnections21 CookiesConnections20 CookiesConnections19 CookiesConnections18 CookiesConnections17 CookiesConnections16 CookiesConnections15 CookiesConnections14 CookiesConnections13 CookiesConnections12 CookiesConnections11 CookiesConnections9 CookiesConnections8 CookiesConnections7 CookiesConnections6 CookiesConnections5 CookiesConnections4 CookiesConnections3 CookiesConnections2 CookiesConnections1

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May 27, 2015