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8 Ways To Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly

Yesterday, the world celebrated Earth Day and throughout the weekend

various events and celebrations will take place in honor of this
Eco-friendly event.

Today, I wanted to do a blog post to share 8 Ways To Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly. So here it is!

1) Conserve energy by unplugging items you are not using
When items such as printers, speakers and other items are plugged in,
they use energy even if they are not being used by you. To save energy,
unplug any items that you are not using.

2) Keep Scratch Paper
Did an extra sheet print out on the printer? DId you find some old
sheets of paper on your desk?Don’t throw sheets of paper away! Save
scrap paper to jot down notes or ideas!
3) Go Digital
Save a tree! If you can go digital, then do it. E-mail is a great way
to communicate & store a messages while avoiding unecessary paper usage.

4) Use Tupperware instead of disposable plates
Tupperware is reusable and a great way to pack & bring your lunch to the
office. So ditch the disposable plates, and use reusable products such as tupperware.
5) Go Paperless on Billing Statements
If you are still receiving physical billing statements in your office,
opt to go paperless. It will save your office from becoming cluttered
by paper and bills. Additionally, going paperless provides an organized
way to keep track of your bills online without wasting paper and space.

6) Decide to Telecommute or Have Virtual Meetings
Save gas, energy and travel time by opting to have a virtual meeting
instead of an in-person meeting. Some great tools for virtual meetings
are Skype,Google + Hangouts & more.

7) Conduct Annually Office Cleaning & Donate
Do you have some items in your office that you are no longer using?
Conduct an annual cleaning and donate items that you are not using.

8) Use Eco- friendly Office Supplies
Use office supplies that our environmentally safe.Retail stores such
as Office Depot & Staples sell sustainable and Eco-friendly items.