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5 Things I Love About Pharrell Williams 24 Hour Video

5 Things I Love About Pharrell Williams 24 Hour Video
( From a Maketing/PR/ Brand Perspective)
1. It’s Original
Pharrell has always provided a breath of fresh air in relation to music, production, fashion and philanthropy. Just when you
think you’ve seen it all, long behold he tops himself by creating a 24 hour long video. The first of its kind actually. The production of a 5 minute video can be a daunting task, not to mention the production of a 24 hour video ( Translaton: 1,440 minute videos). To break that down, the equivalent a 12 full feature movies all to the tune of 1 song. It’s pure genius. The most ironic part? You NEVER GET tired of the song…in fact you get strangely addicted to it and begin to love it more..and more..and more………
2. Inspirational:)
It’s a no brainer. The song is a 24 hour ode to being happy. If nothing else, you cannot listen to this song for even 1 hour
and not feel just a little bit happier :).
3. The Use of Ordinary People
The majority of the people featured in the video or not celebrities. They are everyday people. An aspect that makes this video very relatable. The video is ethnically diverse and features Men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Some with amazing dance skills, and some with not so amazing dance skills, still relaying the overall message that all people can relate to: Be happy.
4. The Use of Celebrities
The video has a few comedic celebrity appearances with my favorite being the appearance of Kelly Osbourne. I believe the celebrity appearances just further draw home the overall premise that Pharrell was trying to convey: Just be happy. Happy is not subjected to income, race, social status or any social barriers that divide people. It is something that is free and available to anyone who wants to experience it.(P.s- She appears in the 1AM versionof the Happy Video. Check it out).
5. The free “trip” to L.A
Lastly, the city of Los Angeles’ tourism department owes Pharrell a check. If you didn’t want to visit L.A before watching this video, I gaurantee you will want to afterwards!
Check out the official video here and you can view the 24 hour series of videos on Youtube:
That’s it!  Stay smart cookies!