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5 Money Saving Life Hacks For New Business Owners:Productivity Hacks: Tools for Productivity in Your Business

Today is the final post in our “Money Saving Life Hacks” series. For our grand finale today, we will be discussing productivity hacks. As a new Start-up or Business Owner, Productivity is a major factor related to the success of your business. I am excited to share some amazing tools with you today that can help you take your business to the next level!


Project Management Tool:


Trello is an awesome ( and surprisingly) free project management system that you can use to manage your business. Trello allows its users to create boards and subcategories to manage and delegate project tasks. Trello is a great way to track current project goals and  objectives as well as manage group projects etc.

Instead of hiring an assistant to book your calendar, do it yourself ! Doodle is an online scheduling tool that allows its user to send out suggested meeting dates and times to multiple people in an effort to streamline the meeting scheduling process. This is a great productivity tool and saves its users from the hassle and time it takes to schedule meetings.

Toggl App

Toggl is an amazing app that allows its users to track how much time they are spending on projects.  I believe this app is also a great tool to track how long it takes to complete client projects and can even help individuals justify their costs/ service rates to their clients.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangout is a great tool for Virtual Team Collaboration, Meetings & More. Google Hangouts provides a video service that allows multiple people to interact and converse via video and share files. This can save you those costly meeting trips to Starbuck’s, Out of Town Travel & more!

I hope that you have enjoyed are series and that you will utilize these tools to save on unnecessary  spending in your business.


Until next time, stay smart cookies!




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June 10, 2015