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5 Money Saving Life Hacks For New Business Owners: Five Part Series: Part 4: Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks: Getting  & Staying there the most economical way possible

As we continue our series, today we will discuss an element of business that has a substantial impact on business owners. The area we will focus on today is travel. In this blog post, we will discuss several ways to save money on travel and accommodations.

Fuel Log App

With fuel costs constantly rising, the price of gas to travel to meetings, your office and networking events can cause a significant dent in your wallet. One app that I really love is Fuel Log.

Fuel  Log is an awesome app that helps track your gas spending, mileage and the frequency of your gas fill ups. Knowing this information can be beneficial to helping you plan your gas usage and spending in an effort to save money.

Google Flights

Google Flights is an awesome free tool that I like to use to secure the best flights at the most affordable prices. It compares prices between various airline carriers, and has a simplistic layout that makes it easy for consumers to use.



Air BNB is an amazing hotel alternative for travelers who are seeking cost effective lodgings. Air BNB features owners of various properties ( Houses, Condos, Apartments etc.) who are willing to rent space in their property to guests in order to make a profit. The properties range from simple college apartments to luxury home properties. During peak travel times , Air BNB is a great way to save money on accommodations.


By now, even if you have never used Uber, you have probably heard about it. Uber is a great taxi/ public transportation alternative. It’s a car service that users can request from the Uber phone app. It is more cost effective than traditional services such as taxi’s and is powered by everyday individuals who sign up to become Uber drivers ( great source of part time  income for many people as well).

So next time you have to travel for business, make sure to consider these  awesome travel alternatives!

Tune in next week as we conclude or series and discuss Productivity Hacks. Until next time, stay smart cookies!




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June 3, 2015