3 Life Lessons from The Film Selma

Happy Martin Luther King Day Everyone! On a day like this, it is always awesome to reflect on the positive aspects of history and the progressive strides that have been made in an effort to make the world a better place. Today, I chose to focus on 3 Life Lessons that can be taken from the movie ” Selma”, and applied to your everyday personal (and business life).

So let’s get started……..

1. Sometimes You Have To Do It Scared.

This period in history was a turbulent and uncertain time. People lived in constant fear and persecution due to racial tensions & inequality. However, the hope for a better life is the dream that fueled many people to participate in the civil rights marches, even though these actions  were accompanied by the risk of jail time and even death. Their willingness to move forward and fight for their rights, in spite of these risk is the reason why we enjoy many of the freedoms we enjoy today. Sometimes, you just have to do it scared.

2. When People Come Together To Work In Unison, Amazing Things Happen.

It is amazing what people can achieve when they come together and work as one solidified unit. When people move forward in solidarity and positive action, mountains can be moved and the world can be changed for the better.

3. One Person Can Create The Spark That Changes The World.

Many times, people feel helpless that they cannot bring about  significant change or action in the world. Martin Luther King Jr. is a strong reminder that one person can be the spark that helps to change the world. Everyone has the potential to be that spark if they tap into it, and keep moving forward, despite opposition.

Image: Movie Official Site